Jean Philippe Dary

Artist, Musician, Composer, Producer, Writer, Professor, Speaker, France et International

Jean Philippe DARY is a keyboard player, singer, producer, arranger and songwriter, author, speaker, instructor.Born in France with Guyanaʼs roots, he worked with Africans singers like Papa WEMBA (opening the Peter GABRIEL‘s tour « US »), TOURE KUNDA, Omar PENE, Alpha BLONDIE.He also worked on others projects and musical styles such as Jazz (Paco SERY, Greg OSBY, Brice WASSY, HOPEN COLLECTIVE, Pino DANIELE), Reggae (Sly And Robbie), **Pop and Electronic Music **(PHOENIX, TROUBLEMAKERS).During these last 20 years he spent most of his time working with Tony ALLEN, his friend.They record together about eight albums with artists like Jeff Mills , Damon ALBARN, TY, Ernest RANGLING.He was the third member of the Tony ALLEN and Jeff MILLSʼs project, as he worked on the album : » Tomorrow comes the harvest « and performed with them on stage.Jean Philippe is actually working with Jeff MILLS on « The PARADOX » a duo project and, the « TOMMORROW COMES THE HARVEST » next trio project.He is also developping two projects under his own name.
— His trio, afro jazz album (already recorded by Al SCHMITT and Steve GENEWICK at the Studio LA FABRIQUE)
—- A solo project named « African Avant Garde » where he‘s mixing african and traditional instruments with electronic modular synthesizers, in addition with a lot of keyboards.
In April 2023, Jean philippe co wrote a book about one of his other passion : breathing, body and health healing.
You can Find the 📙 Book on this page.